Request a Group Health Quote

Due to the variety of application processes, quotes may be obtained by contacting our office.

Call 650-858-1123 for assistance

Step by step guide to quoting and applying for Group Health

Step 1: Call us to discuss whether your business is eligible for coverage. Not all businesses will meet the standard criteria needed to apply.

Step 2: Prepare your employee census (preferably in Excel format) to provide the minimum information necessary to quote. The following Kaiser Application will provide an example of the information needed.

Download Kaiser Census Application >

Step 3: Send us your completed census and basic business/contact information via email to, or via fax to (650) 845-6389.

Step 4: Call us to discuss and choose targeted programs with a broker. Your broker will then be able to provide you with a quote.

Step 5: Review the quote provided and select the best program, plans, and other criteria (waiting period, contributions, etc) with the help of your broker. You are now ready to apply. It is recommended to do so 15-30 days before coverage is to begin.