New markets, technology, and efficient practices adopted every year. Simply put, if it benefits our customers, it benefits us.


Our Philosophy

What defines a good broker? A good broker does more than complete the task quickly. They advise the customer when the situation deems necessary. They provide options that satisfy needs today and five years from now. Furthermore, they maximize efficiency indirectly generating savings for the customer.

Many brokers may demonstrate these capacities but when you factor in the ever-changing insurance market, people are often still left wondering whether their policy remains competitive or comprehensive enough. That’s why we spend time not only training, but also building the necessary framework to provide our staff with both the tools and skills they need to properly serve our clients.


Who We Are

Marketside is a full service brokerage with over two decades of experience serving California families and resident headquartered businesses. Our approach is to understand your situation and ensure ideal coverage. From a single-car policy for your recently graduated daughter, to Professional Liability for your international R&D facilities, our extensive portfolio has you covered.

Throughout the years we have succeeded in gaining access to a vast number of competitive and reliable companies and now offer over 300 insurance programs spanning virtually every market segment. Paired with reduced or eliminated broker fees, we are able to reduce costs and maintain a high level of flexibility.